United States – finally it’s time for some holiday

I was really waiting so long for these holidays. It’s quiet obvious as I am really in love with this country, but I think the real reason was that this time we really planned very ambitious route. I will not lie if I say that it was first time, when we planned each detail. However let’s start from the beginning. Our first point of interests were national parks, we’ve decided to visit 3 main as that was just a part of our trip. The chosen ones were: Sequoia, Yellowstone and Antelope. At the preliminary version instead of Sequoia was planned Yosemite, but on September there is dry season, which makes it’s not so beautiful. Second important point of this travel is Texas and sleeping at the ranch. I want so much to feel real climate of U.S. like steaks, cowboys, country music, you know…And the final of our trip will be Hawaii, which were always my dream and now will come true. During our trip we will visit many smaller cities (look in details into map), but also second time will visit Las Vegas, which we both really love. You can have there a lot of fun, but also make some good shopping in the outlet placed on the outskirts. Today is our second day in California, so first day with jet lag is got over with. At least we were able to visit Silicon Valley, maybe it’s not so cool place for many pics, but is worth to be visited if you are curious of Google or Apple headquarter.