This trip was planned long time ago, because we’ve started to think of it being in Hawaii. We were thinking that soon our American trip will be ended and it is high time to find another great destination. Obviously first condition was good and hot weather during polish autumn time! Then I’ve founded interesting blog description that going to the Sicily in November is an awesome idea, because there is no crowd and the weather is excellent. So we’ve bought tickets for plane and were waiting for another adventure. As close it was as more nervous I was, because forecasts for the weather were not great. Finally I gave up and thought it would be still great to go there and rest even if we had rain there. Obviously our flight was to Palermo, but we’ve decided to stay in Cefalu, which was located about 1,5 h from there. Decision was made basing on blog recommendation and now I am totally happy with it, because this city was like from a dream – small, old and with its own atmosphere. Nothing more I could want for those few days! So when we’ve reached the hotel obviously it was raining and forecast weren’t good. Another day in the morning first thing I saw was… rain! But we didn’t give up and decided to go around the city. I don’t remember exactly how long did it take, but I think it was less than 2 hours when weather suddenly became so hot and all weekend stood like that even forecast still showed only rain. In Cefalu there are plenty of attractions and my favorites are: La Rocca where you can spend few hours getting the reach, second position is Enoteca le Petit Tonneau, where you can drink wine admiring the sea – something amazing! Second day of our stay we’ve decided to go around the island. Believe me there is a lot of places, which are enough even for a 2 weeks trip. But we have had just 1 day, so we chose to go to Santuario Gibilmanna, which was quiet close and to Castle Buono. In the second place it’s worth to check hours of visits, because we came when there was a break… This what is so special about Sicily is also the food, but it is something, which I need to describe in separate post so stay tuned!! 🙂 Sicily is surely place which we need to go again, because probably we haven’t seen even a half of attractions served there! At the end I would recommend one thing if you go to Italy rent a car which is the smallest one that gives you guarantee of possibility to park somewhere. Whole Italy consists of lot narrow streets. For Americans it can be really surprise!