Travelling surprises

At the end of our trip in Hawaii I broke my hand. That was really stupid accident… We’ve rented bikes and going around Honolulu. When we decided to come back I pushed to go to the beach again. I was really in love with whole this city! So, during heading to the beach suddenly didn’t go up to the carb and my bike went down. Trying to stand up I noticed something with my elbow was not right. We started to call the help and at this point my adventure with american hospital has been started… From the beginning everything was well managed. I was taken by ambulance to the hospital where I had an rtg. Unfortunately it came out that I had broken elbow with open fracture and sudden surgery was needed. So at first we lost our flight, because even there were many people who wanted to help with postponing it unless you have economy ticket nobody would help you. That what I really liked about whole this situation was atmosphere everyone from the beginning till the end were extremely nice making really good feelings around. We could be together even few minutes before surgery. I can say Americans really take care about your good mental condition when you are in hospital. My whole stay there lasted 2 nights; after that I had to go back to the Warsaw and then surprises were started. When I saw first bill for my short stay in /Hawaiian hospital I was really surprised – every little activity was evaluated, even pieces of metal which was implemented into my elbow. What is more surprising is fact you are getting separate bill from hospital and from ambulance and etc. Generally I have one conclusion if you are going to visit the USA take the most expensive travel insurance which is available on your market, because you never know what can happen 😉