Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

Going to the Brasil hasn’t seemed to me so much attractive especially having in mind fact it’s not the safest place in the world. However when additionally appeared idea to go for carnival party in Sambodrome I’ve changed my mind and much more gladly started to prepare for this trip. Now I can’t imagine I would miss this event and that would be obligatory position in my bucket list if I ever had one. This is so extremely amazing to see all that in real and probably describing it with words would be too difficult. I am not samba fun, but it doesn’t matter, because music isn’t the most important factor. Clothes, decorations and whole idea for presentation are something, which can surprise you. Additionally Sambodrome during carnival is very safe place and you have feeling organizers have everything under control. So, if you’ve already decided to go there please find some practical advices, which can help. First of all you don’t have to take anything with you, because everything is available there starting from food, drinks, alcohols and etc. However useful thing, which you should take with you is raincoat – you never know when the rain comes and there is no roof over your head. We had much luck due to excellent and dry weather. Second thing is selection of sector all descriptions with pros and cons you can find here We’ve chosen sector 9, so the one dedicated to tourists. I felt there very safe and additionally we had guaranteed particular seats, which had very good panoramic view for whole parade. The last important choice is date of a party, because you can select opening one, competitions or final, where you can admire only the best samba schools. We were on last option and it was amazing, so I can recommended it with clear conscience. Hopefully this short description encourages you to take part in a carnival one day.