Sicilian food

I’ve decided to dedicate whole post to the Sicilian food as I was quiet surprised by that what I’ve tried there. First thing is pizza. Being before in Italy I was used to that pizza should be very thin without many components. So, at first evening obviously I wanted to try exactly this famous dish of Italy. I was a bit confused cause the selection of different combinations was very wide, but it’s not a disadvantage at all, so I’ve chosen the one and the best. The pizza which was brought to us wasn’t so thin rather more fluffy and on the top there was big portion of every components like a lot of cheese, a lot of ham and etc. It is also not disadvantage, but definitely this was something different than I’ve tried before in Milan. At the beginning I was sure that this was something characteristic for that restaurant, but after I made few other tries with pizza in Sicily and it was the same. Then I realized that in Italy definitely their most famous dish is dependent on the region. Where is the best? Everything depends on your individual taste. Second thing, which is very characteristic for the Sicily are sweets. In every bar you can find sweets and alcohol. They have huge variety of different flavors, but there is the one the most famous for this region – cannoli with ricotta. Again to say if it is so delicious you should try it by yourself. Focusing on our place of stay Cefalu there are two great places, which I totally recommend. First is Ennoteca Le Petit Tonneau, where you can drink perfect wine looking on the sea. However this is not place for dinner, rather more for evening drink and some snacks like cheese. Just book it before as it is touristic point and just 3 tables with view are available. My second choice is Masquenada Cefalu, which looks like a bar, but food there is on the highest level. Totally everything tastes perfect from salad through other  dishes, but leave also some space for desserts. They are made by chef and are totally stunning. I regret I’ve found this great restaurant so late, because it was my last evening. I’ve already wrote that I needed to get back to Sicily and this is holy truth as I feel I have also many things to try there taking into consideration food and wine.