Tokyo – this city associates with great food and huge crowd for me

The first and the best thing, which I’ve tried there was food, but I plan to provide separate post for it as it deserves it. So… when we reached Tokyo I had enough of temples as this is something, which you can find in every corner in Japan. However it came out that the closest attraction to our hotel was… the temple 😉 It was Sensoji Temple, which was really good. What’s more it’s perfect to visit it in the evening when finally you can avoid the crowd.

The main point to visit is obviously the Imperial Palace located in the city centre. Important thing is fact that you can’t visit it, because it’s open just 2 times a year. Still ambient gardens are really nice for a walk. Just check when they are closed to avoid disappointment. In Tokyo you have plenty of options to see city from above… We were confused about selecting the good place and finally chose the Sky Tower which was located near our hotel and was the second highest tower in the world. Honestly it was perfect and I was in love with it sitting there, looking at the beautiful view and drinking Prosecco! The most famous place in Tokyo is Shibuya street, where you can watch the biggest crowd in the whole world! This street is also the most popular place for the night live!. The last thing which I would like to mention is fact that obviously in Tokyo you can make very nice shopping of cosmetics like in other asian places, but still you will find something unique for Japan… These are really nice things about Tokyo, but still the coolest one will be described in another post and obviously it will be the food…;)