Planning this trip I was excited from the very beginning. The reason for that was reading book about Korean beauty (there were also included other interesting facts about Seoul). Besides I am real fun of Asian cosmetics, so had a lot of motivation to come here. Before the trip we’ve also got some recommendations from my friend. Choosing hotel for stay we’ve considered 2 districts Myeongdong and Gangnam. Finally have chosen the first one and that was it! Going out from the hotel, shops were everywhere like in a dream. Probably if I stayed there longer would go bankrupt. But shops weren’t all, because whole district had a lot of restaurants, there was even street only with bars serving variety of chicken. In the afternoon on the street appear sellers of street food and crowd of people is increasing that is really hard to move. So if you decide to live in the other area still you need to visit this crazy street. The other place, which I’ve mentioned was Gangnam, which is also packed with tons of shops, but rather with clothing brands and more luxurious ones. However Gangnam is more famous of surgery clinics. I’ve read that you can go to touristic information to book your surgery. That was something crazy I was coming into the shop and saw one followed by another women with bruises and bandages on the face. When I would look like this probably I would prefer to not scary anyone and stay at home. Here it’s something normal…

Beside those 2 areas it’s also worth to visit palaces in Seoul, you can buy 1 ticket for all of them – at least 4 are worth to be visited so it is good idea, beside it let you to avoid queues. The most recommended and probably well known is Gyeongbokgung. It’s nice, however I liked more the one placed in the city center (Deoksugung), where you can also visit nearby Cityhall. On the roof you will find small garden. It isn’t rocket science, but good option for a walk. There are 2 other palaces located near each other (Changdeokgung & Chaggyeonggung). In first one, there is placed secret garden, which has separate ticket. In my opinion it wasn’t so special, but we walked without tour as by accident we bought for hour where just Korean language was available, so pay attention when buy the ticket, when is english option if you need one.

Another great option for walk is Ihwa Village. First of all you will find there many interesting murals. Secondly on the top is great spot for panoramic photos. And the last and probably most important is that you can see there totally different climate of Seoul – more traditional and more real like i.e. small wooden houses. Coming to the end I would like also to mentioned activities, which can be done in the evening. First are gardens on the bridge called Seoul 7017, really nice spot for walking and shoot few interesting night pics. Second is N tower, the highest point in the city, which has 236 m. And here honestly I don’t know if I would go up knowing before how much time and patience it can take. It took us 3 hours in total, queues were everywhere to go up, to go down, to the entrance and the exit – crazy! Maybe before going there is worth to look in the internet for some tips how to avoid similar situation as mine. Last, more for party lovers is strongly recommended Octagon Club, which after visit came up one of the top 10 best clubs in the world. Generally if you are looking some fun in the night, perfect spot for it is Gangnam street. Summing up I am in love with the Seoul and have no idea why people don’t appreciate it and often connect with China style, because for me it’s closer to Singapore, but even better as less rigid.