TGI Fridays Warsaw

This place has never disappointed us…We discovered it time ago during our first visit in Las Vegas. After getting back to Poland it came out that TGI Fridays is also in Warsaw. We’ve checked it and yes this is the same taste as in the USA. The best, what is in my opinion definitely recommended is the steak – Jack Daniel’s Filet Mignon. They have really unique sauce based on my favorite spirit, which in connection with meat gives u feeling of heaven  Another obligatory point worth to be tried are buffalo wings with blue cheese sauce – awesome feeling for your palate  Today I also ate the Cajun fried chicken salad – it’s nice, because it consists of all products, which I really love like i.e egg, but its more for salad fans! And if you still have some space after this kind of feast there is something for brownie lovers – Brownie Obsession – as the name says is really crazy  This place gives feeling of american style what is unequivocal with that dishes are really huge, so before you go there prepare and take huge appetite with you  definitely not for these, who are actual on diet!