Going there I wanted to feel real country style. You know… cowboys, bulls, music and obviously steaks! However reality was bit different. We’ve landed in Dallas and travelled by car to Austin. Because it was late we didn’t see too much beside trying local food and yes, definitely I can say in Texas you can try the best steak and chicken wings without spending fortune! Another day we’ve travelled through San Antonio to Bandera. And my reflection is that in big cities of Texas you can’t find appropriate atmosphere. According to the fact Mexico is near there is a lot of drugs and cities are just huge and noise places with nothing which you can call Texas. Obviously you can find there interesting places like promenade or old church in San Antonio.

However we didn’t give up and finally founded our perfect place, which was Bandera – city set up by polish priest, what’s a surprise! When we’ve reached our rancho we’ve been welcomed by amazing guy called Brett. He and his wife are running small farm with animals. Beside this they are incredible people so open minded and very talkative. We had much luck, because it was Wednesday and this is the only one day when in 11th street cowboy bar you can feel real atmosphere of Texas. That night all citizens no matter of age come there with their own meat and alcohol to hear country band live. You can find there huge grill where you will be able to prepare your perfect steak. Beside this there is obviously possibility to buy beer or wine. I think that was one of the most amazing things which has happened during our trip. Before I could just see something like this in TV. Next day Brett prepared for us breakfast based on tex-mex which is very popular in this region. We’ve also talked for an hours. Leaving this place I had tears in my eyes, because I really felt there like in home! At the end of our adventure with Texas we’ve decided to visit Reunion Tower. It was worth of money, cause we saw another beautiful panorama of huge and gleaming city. However if you’ve ever planned to visit Texas, Bandera is must seen point!