Sequoia National Park – magic forest with giant trees

Have you ever been in the place, where you can see the biggest trees in the world? Definitely yes only if you visited Sequoia park. Let’s start from the beginning. To the park we were driving from small city Tracy it was about 3 hours away. We’ve checked the weather on iPhone and it showed there would be just 14 Celsius degree, that was quiet less than in Tracy, where was 30 Celsius degree. Coming closer to our aim we felt something was wrong with this weather forecast, because at the entrance to the park there was still above 30 Celsius degree… so be aware of that if you have similar situation – in the park the weather is came as for whole region not much worse. Maybe a bit when you are walking among giant trees. When we reached the entrance I was bit surprised that visiting park is made by car. I was rather ready for trekking. However it came out the distances between particular important points are really huge impossible to be seen without car. Additionally roads are very winding that you can’t drive too fast.

We’ve spent in park about 4 hours and the furthest point we’ve reached was The General Sherman Tree. By the way this is the most important place in whole park, where you can take a photo with the largest tree in the world. It has 2200 years old with 1385 tons of weight and 32 meters of circumference on the ground. Believe me it looks really wow in live. Additionally this kind of trees you can meet only on the west slope of Sierra Nevada. This point is not the last for being seen, however if you would like to go further for example to King’s Canyon I think you need to spend night in cabins in the forest, because in one day to see more than we is not possible. If you are lover of trekking you will find here a lot of paths in the forest to discover nature. At the final I have one more tip during visiting this park – definitely take with you empty bottle or step in to the museum of trees at the beginning of the park to buy something like this. In whole park there is no shops, but instead of it you can find taps with water at every stop.