Horseshoe Bend & Antelope Canyon

We driven here from Las Vegas and decided to stay in town named Page, which was very good start to visit both places and lot of others beauty spots. Let’s start with Horseshoe Bend. We wondered, which time is the best to go there and make a photo. I even read some articles and reviews about it. And there was just one opinion, which I totally agree with, that whenever you go there the place is awesome and beautiful just different. We have been there already two times, however our motivation for that was caused more by weather, because first time it was late afternoon and was raining. Second time was in the morning and it was perfect, look below on picks 🙂 Going to visit Antelope Canyon bear in mind that this is possible only by organized tour, you can’t do it by yourself. The best if you book visit long time before (we did it half year before) – interested people is a lot, so better not to take a risk that you will come and there will be no places. Second important thing is time when you go there, we’ve read that the best are 11 and 12 hours due to vertical sun going inside the canyon. As you can imagine these hours are sold out at first. We were there at 11 am and conditions were perfect. Our guide, who was also our driver to the canyon was very nice and helped me a lot with making picks – she knew a lot of tricks. Whole tour lasted 1,5 hour, but we’ve made probably tons of photos 😉 Additionally we had much luck due to weather conditions, because from 1 pm it started raining, so we were on time. During storm tours are prohibited, because it is dangerous when water comes into the canyon. What is interesting we saw last part of people, who were took to canyon just when we got back – after 15 mins there was so huge storm, so hopefully they returned, cause other way it would be crazy. What is worth to mention that in Arizona weather is very fast changing – one minute there is hot and sunny, other there is strong wind, huge rain and storm. Beside these two important attractions you can find few other worth visiting beauty spots around the city like dam or view on the Powell Lake, so pay attention on signs directed from the street:)