At the beginning let me say few words, what exactly this festival is about. Tomorrowland is an electronic dance music festival held in Boom, Belgium. Was first held in 2005, and has since become one of the world’s largest and most notable music festivals. It now stretches over 2 weekends and usually sells out in minutes. Honestly… that was my dream to go there since I’ve remembered. The most creepy thing about it is fact that buying tickets is almost impossible in regular sale due to fact Belgians have priority. Obviously there are some options how to do it, so you can easily find it online. We’ve decided to buy tickets by viagogo, which unfortunately is not the cheapest option, but very comfortable as everything went smooth. We were able to be there just one day as we’ve already bought tickets on Ibiza, but about this trip you will read in the following post. So… you don’t have to like electronic music to have fun there!
From the beginning I felt gooseflesh about being there, because it is something incredible, because of beautiful arrangement.

There is built huge city with 16 scenes and everything is dedicated to one theme – this year it was Planaxis (sea snail). Effects, decorations and DJs are incredible – impossible to be described. This year you’ve also could meet there great pop stars like i.e. Due Lipa. Really everyone will find there something for himself. As we were there so short we’ve decided to buy VIP tickets, which were called Comfort Pass and giving access to VIP area on 4th scenes. If they were worth to be bought? I don’t have benchmark as it was my first time there, but… everything was excellent – no crowd, quick access for the party, clean toilets, snacks for free, jacuzzi and seats with massage. Short description of having VIP access 😉 This what I really like about this festival is fact it’s gathered people from all over the world in so different age. Normally I could meet there my parents and this is so cool. No discrimination, everyone are equal and very tolerant – Live Today, Love Tomorrow, Unite Forever (motto of this year edition)! The last thing, which I would like to describe is obviously food! You will find there access to everything, which you love however main restaurant with super cool view must be booked in a really huge advance. Beside this you will find there so many food tracks. I am not fast food lover, but food tracks there are totally high quality, so everything, which I’ve tried like pizza, nachos, belgian fries were excellent. So… if you like good music, great people from all over the world, good food and great fun be ready to join tomorrowland people next year!