Napa Valley

Napa Valley – each time seems to be the cooler place and the perfect place for wine lovers.

Last year we were so amazed by this area and we’ve decided to come back here one day. None of us probably hasn’t suspected it would happen so fast and guess what… This year again leaving Napa Valley we felt like we had to come back here for longer stay;) This time we’ve stayed in totally different place than last year, because it was small house near winery having only 3 rooms for guests. It was in the middle of nothing, so the place was extremely quiet, but had its own climate. The nearest city was Calistoga, where you can find few spots for the dinner – probably it’s better to book them in advance. Comparing this town to St. Helena, where we stayed last year is more quiet for sure and less busy. This time we’ve also decided to go for wine tasting – we chose Bennett Lane Winery, which was just 15 minutes on foot from our hotel. If you are wine lover this is strongly recommended event – we had chance to taste 6 wines and got learned a lot of them. It took 1 hour and we paid 2 for 1 due to getting recommendation from our hotel. The last thing, which surprised me this year was really cool drink for the breakfast and probably the one I will drink also at home. It was citrus juice mixed with prosecco called Mimosa, exactly the same as place, where we stayed – Villa Mimosa 🙂 Another time hopefully we will check another cool place and another winery!