Way of serving food really impressed me!

It’s quiet funny story, because some time ago we’ve decided to visit new restaurants every weekend. However when it came to the crunch we’ve tried to book the table in one of our favorite places 307gif Thankfully all places refused due to different reasons. Then we’ve decided to use Trip Advisor, which never let us down and book totally new place – Bazar Kocha. I was really impressed by this place, because every simple dish was totally amazing, beautiful and stunning. Atmosphere there is quiet casual, but the style of dishes is really fancy. Additionally location is very cool, what you can judge looking around at cars. The nice surprise was the bill – as we are living in Warsaw I can honestly say it was cheap especially comparing it to quality, which you’ve got there 🙂 I didn’t try desserts, but they looked gorgeous so there is the plan for the next time! Strongly recommended place and hopefully will be back there for many times. Today I know it’s worth to go somewhere out of your favorite places list!

Asparagus cream with salmon, won ton, leek & anise.

Cesar salad.