Singapore again – does it mean boredom?

Definitely no, because finally we were able to see another side of this beautiful place! First important thing is that we invested to stay in hotel with view for Marina Bay and it was worth every money! Hotel was called Mandarin Oriental and is strongly recommend. For a while we were thinking that there is nothing more to do in this city (check out previous post about Singapore), but we were wrong. First day we went to Singapore Zoo. It’s easy to get there by uber and additionally not cost too much. I will not lie if I say this is the best zoo in the world even I haven’t explored it all around yet;) Animals stay there in so open areas, which makes they are really close to you. Obviously these ones which are not dangerous! The park is so huge you can take a ride by train. Additionally there are set up shows with animals and they are really cool. We hadn’t have luck, because almost whole day was raining, but come on finally it’s Singaporean weather 😉 In the evening we decided to take a ride on Singapore Flyer and that was bull’s eye as this was the best place to take a picture of whole Marina Bay (look below!). Even better than our view from hotel. Walking around the city we discovered also interesting thing that underground has got always stop in shopping malls and local people go there directly after work. This means shopping centers are open longer than European’s ones. Second whole day we’ve spent in Botanic Gardens and believe me I would like to have all parks in Poland like this one. Inside you can also visit National Orchid Garden, which is worth to be visited. Before I hadn’t known this plant had got so many versions 😉 And this is the final, our trip was finished at this point, but from now I can honestly said everything was planned so perfect and Singapore was worth to be visited again!