San Francisco

San Francisco – nice welcome back after a year!

Last year due to my accident in Hawaii I’ve lost my trip to San Francisco and the only spot I’ve visited there was an airport, so glad this year I had a chance to come back and visit most important spots. First thing, which took us lot of time was deciding where to sleep – in the city centre or in the Oakland on the other river’s side. The difference is obviously in price. We’ve finally decided to stay out of the city, but without car it wouldn’t be possible. However we’ve got good quality for nice price. Additional thing was fact we’ve stayed there during weekend and traffic jams were high to San Francisco, so what would be during week… Staying out of the city is connected with one more important thing, that you need to park somewhere. In the most popular places you will find lot of parkings, but prices are sometimes really surprising, so it’s better to drive around for finding cheaper option than take first met one. Enough of practical advices let’s move to the attractions. Comparing to the New York I think you need here less time to see most important spots. First and the coolest one is of course Golden Gate Bridge, which has on both sides interesting view points. What is surprising is that around this area is different climate – more foggy and more cold. When we came second day to see bridge again there was nothing visible just a fog…

In very nearby area you can find Palace of Fine Arts Theatre surrounded by nice looking houses with perfectly cut grass – really nice place for picture shot. Another must seen point is port area, where you find Pier39 and Fisherman’s Wharf. In both you can stay for a nice lunch consisting of great quality sea food. In Pier39 additional attraction are seals laying lazy outside the water and probably sunbathing 😉 In the port you can of course take each kind of boat to go around for a cruise. From this area you have an easy access by foot to other attractions worth to be seen like: Lombard Street (crazy shaped with lot of curves coming vertically down), Coit Tower (memorial tower), Chinatown (looks always the same and have crazy crowds of Chinese people, but fresh fishes being sold there looks amazing) and Union Square (central point of San Francisco surrounded by fancy shops).

After seeing all of these I’ve asked one question – where is the ghetto street like Bronx in NY. I was even more interested in it as I’ve heard in SF you can meet a lot of homeless people and so far haven’t got such a feeling. Then I found this place, which is near Ellis street and the area is called Tenderloin. When we were driving through it I really felt insecure as all streets were packed with homeless people, drug addicted and dealers. Later I’ve read this is the most dangerous part of the city. The funny thing about it is that this place is just few corners from the Union Square and Financial District – the most fancy areas. After visit there I was curious, why in SF there are so many people living like this and I’ve read really funny thing about it. Homeless people have really nice life here – they get food, money on monthly basis and access to the phone – really nothing much more needed if you are lazy one, but probably it’s not a topic for this post. I almost forgot to write about one more must seen point – the street with colorful homes, which probably associates for me the most with SF. It was hard to be found, because looking online I’ve found it as a Haight Street, which is rather just interesting hipster area. The one, which I’ve mentioned is Alamo Square for sure the most popular key point placed on postcards and pictures.

Okay, so these are the main attractions from my point of view and now guess how long it took me to see all of them… Just 1 day, so surprising right 🙂 If I missed something due to my short stay I could say it was Alcatraz, which I just saw from the Port, but unfortunately again I missed to book a trip there, which is needed in advance. Hopefully it’s not my last visit in SF! 😉