Rio de Janeiro

First of all like I said before I never felt this is safe country, so even chasing place to stay I’ve checked recommendations for appropriate district. Selection was between 3 ones: Botafago, Ipanema and Copacabana. The choice has fallen on the last one, but the biggest motivation for that was hotel with the amazing view for the ocean. I totally recommend this surrounding is very touristic and have greatest beaches, you have also good access to Ipanema beach where you will find great spots for pictures. We haven’t been in Rio too long, but I feel enough to see all basic attractions. Number one is obviously Corcovado and monument of Christ. However it’s worth to check weather conditions before you go up. Near ticket service you will find the huge LCD with actual situation. We haven’t luck at first time, however second was perfect. On the top is horrible crowd, but you can find a mat for lying down with photo camera to make very nice picture with monument. The alternative for this place and my second must-see point is Sugar Loaf, where you will find an awesome panoramic view, also is less crowded. Additional good point is Botanic Park with many beautiful plants, but not only… when we were almost to go out I’ve reminded we haven’t seen Orchidea part yet and that was it. Not, because of flowers, but because of capybaras we’ve met close to the water. It’s awesome they can go there without cages. The last point, but not least was mural in the centre of the city. We were there at first time as this is not the safest place, however during the day is okay. The huge mural painted for the Olympic Games in 2016 is breathe taking and can’t be missed if you are in Rio de Janeiro. The last thing which I would like to describe is food and drink. Let’s start with first one. They have really their own approach as there are the most famous 2 ways of serving food. One is that you pay concrete amount of money, but you eat everything and they are serving millions types of meat and it is like never-ending story 😉 Second you take from the buffet, but they weigh everything. Both options are worth to check. Beside this you obviously find normal restaurants, but the service is different than i.e. in Europe. If we are talking about drinking I can say just 2 – cachasa & capirinia. First one is something very similar to rum and second one is based on first plus ice, limon and brow sugar. Effect is you now…a lot of fun! To sum it up this was cool place, but I still haven’t feel there safe and rather avoided favelas.