Privacy Policy

The website uses cookies. Cookies are small text files that are placed by the web server and stored on your computer. When the browser connects to the website again, the User’s device from which the connection is made is recognized in order to make it easier for the User to use the website.
The collected data is used to monitor and check how users are using our websites in order to expedite the operation of the website through ensuring more effective and seamless navigation.

On our website we use the following cookies:
1. authentication cookies, used in respect of services which require authentication as part of the service – which enable the use of services available on our websites,
2. which make it possible to remember the settings selected by the User and to personalize the User’s interface, in particular in respect of the selected language,
3. which enable the collection of information about the manner of use of our websites. It is monitored through Google Analytics.

You may at any time switch off or restore the cookies collection option through changing your browser settings. However, it may cause problems with using the website.