Osaka, Kyoto, Nara

Osaka – great spot to visit other important places in Japan.

That was our first spot in Japan and that what have made us so much surprised was Golden Week containing number of Japanese holidays. When we checked in we were asked to choose particular time for breakfast in hotel and wondered why? The answer came another day when we were staying in the queue for breakfast 😉 Generally Osaka is very cool city – huge, but having interesting points of view. Very great thing is aquarium – maybe if it’s not this particular time you will not have to stay in such long queues and visiting this place with crowd. Still it was amazing! Second in my opinion quiet important spot, but also very nice when the weather is good was Osaka Castle. When you reach the top of the stairs inside the view is very nice! In the evening the great place to go is Dotonbori full of shops, restaurants and drugstores! This is also good option for the rainy days.

However it is not only about Osaka, because you have great access from here to Nara and Kyoto. Important thing is to pay attention what kind of train you take, because on the same tracks you have few options like slow/local and fast lines. The local one is the slowest and stays on each stop, so be aware what is written on the screen! Our first trip outside the city was to Nara and of course it was also first mistake with the train taking the slowest one… During our way we noticed long queue to one place looking like a gaming centre. We were very surprised as it was 11 am and the queue was like 30 minutes. After we got aware what is all about. It was Pachinko the most famous game in Japan – it looks like machines but it is connection of billiard and pinball. No matter how old are you, you are involved in it. However getting back to the Nara we haven’t got much time to visit that place, but we were recommended to use an amazing app – „visit a city”. You can find there the place, which you would like to visit and put number of days and voila you will get the perfect recommendation with the timing and direction. In Nara you can find more than 1,2k of does & deers and what is the most funny they are believed there to be holy and they can walk in the temples. You can buy some food for them and obviously everyone does it that’s why finally they are not interested in that, because they are so full being fed by thousands of people. We also found so great place to eat in Nara however I am going to describe it in separate post dedicated Japanese food as it something which is worth to have separate space… Second city, which we visited being in Osaka was Kyoto. This was really nice and very traditional city. The most famous place in there is Fushimi Inari-taisha Shrine and we’ve started from that point. However I thing going up to the edge was useless as there was nothing and we had just one day to go around the city. It took us few hours and we lost all strengths. As we haven’t too much time to visit everything we just saw places on ours way. Among the others it was Kiyomizu-dera Temple very recommended. Still all the city has its own atmosphere so its not matter how much time you have still it’s worth to go there.