Las Vegas

It was our second time in this city, so we were not so focused on discovering new places. The way to the city is like in all Nevada bit monotonous nothing much more than desserts and grasslands.

And suddenly in the middle of it appears city with huge, luxurious hotels. You can find here at every corner casinos, clubs and wedding chapels. We stayed in Mariott Grand Chateu, which is strongly recommended due to it’s location in the heart of the city. Believe me it’s worth to take in Vegas hotel located near main street, because out of it there is nothing. If you take sudden right or left direction from Las Vegas road you can see totally different world more poor. It’s worth to go around and see every side of the city, but not to stay there. Another thing is that for sure Las Vegas looks better at night than during the day time. When finally dark is here whole city blinks with million lights. Also very cool is that wherever you go music is played in the street like never endless party.The must seen point are for sure Bellagio Fountains, they are showed every 30 mins during workweeks and every 15 mins during weekends. They are really impressed.

If you finish to walk around the city it means that is high time to have a party. This place is made to deliver a lot of fun. You will be able to find here a lot of night clubs. We wanted to visit XS Club, however it was suddenly closed for this night and we finished in Marquee, which was also very cool. After some dancing you can go to spend some money in casino, which is located in the same building, because everything is going inside the hotels. Obviously weekend are better than workdays, because this time in clubs you can meet the most famous dj’s from allover the world, but like you probably can guess everything has got it’s own price. From our previous trip to Vegas I can also recommend places to be seen: Faremont Street and Stratosphere Las Vegas with crazy roller coasters. Beside it is also good start point to go to Grand Canyon.