Korean food

We’ve started our adventure with Korean food from the first day. In the quiet late evening we went out to the city to find perfect late dinner. Honestly I haven’t known, which dishes and drinks are served in this country. Normally I always use TripAdvisor, which is very useful to find good restaurant. However in here this is useless. The reason for that is fact restaurants with food are everywhere, but in app you will find just few of them – maybe it is connected with difficulties due to names in Korean language… No matter that we’ve undertaken different strategy – going through the streets we looked inside if the place was crowded and that was it. Sometimes even we had to stay in queue, but it’s normal when you find good place in Asia 😉 We had much luck during first day, because we stepped into place with Korean grill – for me this option is just amazing. You cook by yourself (obviously with some instructions, beside staff helps a lot). This, which I like the most are appetizers included in your order – they are different kinds depends on place, but always you get kimchi and delicious soup. So this first time was a bit surprise for me, because in the menu was only pork and quiet fatty beef and I am not so huge meat lover, however still wanted to try it. Believe me or not, but in Korea pork tastes totally different than in other places. For drinking we wanted to try something local and the best option here is Sochu, which is stronger than wine, but still not so strong alcohol. They drink it like shots supported by beer or mixed inside the beer. After first evening I was amazed and that was just the beginning…

Another very popular dish is raw beef tartare served with spices, egg and others – you mix everything and after roll inside the nori. Tasted perfect! However we had some surprise in one of platter, because whole top was moving… Unfortunately I don’t remember the name of it, but it was something like still living squid. I was in such shock I couldn’t try it and that was special dish of this place the most expensive one… everyone around were eating it – crazy! Obviously in Seoul you can find everything starting from Pizza and ending on Burgers. Near our hotel was even street, where you could eat every kind of chicken; however my favorite option was grill and we’ve tried it many times. I ate first time in my life beef ribs – never expected that meat can be so delicious!

When I thought nothing can more surprised me then we went to first restaurant in Jeju, place was so perfect we came back there during 3 days stay. The main dish you should choose being on the island is Abalone, which is serving still living, but on mini grill. This sea food is very expensive around the world and here the price is reasonable and its fresh! For appetizers they’ve served raw sea food, this which was something new for me was sea urchin. The last day we’ve also decided to try freshly caught fish (unfortunately not remember name) and even this taste was unexpectedly perfect and had nothing in common with fishes in my country. I guess all these delicious feelings are result of fact they have easy access to the sea…however sharing all food this is nice practice, which at least in my country we could learn from them.