Jeju – known as Korean Hawaii, how much truth is in this statement?

First important thing about this island is fact during the spring season weather there is unpredictable. First half of the day can be sunny and hot another cold with the storm. It can be sometimes also a bit windy, exactly the same as in Hawaii 😉 I think additionally is important, which part of island you are actually. One day we were driving across the middle of the island and suddenly appeared so dense fog, everyone slowed down to 10 km/h, after few kilometers it has gone away. Coming there we’ve decided to rent a car and that was the perfect idea, because would be hard to see the most important spots using other transport in such short time (2 days). Another reason that was good choice is fact you can’t get the room earlier than provided check-in time in Korea and we arrived in the early morning. For accommodation we chose hotel few kilometers from Jeju-Si and honestly I am not sure if that was good decision, because this part of the island was a bit dead. It wasn’t a problem as we stayed there just 2 nights and had a car, but for longer I would prefer to choose more alive place like i.e. Hamdeok Beach. We haven’t enough time to go around the whole island, but still saw few attractions. Visiting some of them was motivated more by proper localization than great reviews. Good example can be Yongduam Rock, which was located in Jeju city on our way from the airport to the hotel. This is the panoramic view point and the rock is believed to look like dragon’s head according to the name. In my opinion it’s hard to see in it dragon, but maybe my imagination is not so perfect 😉 However this is something, which you can see if you are somewhere around.

The must-have seen point in the island is Seongsan Ilchulbong – fact you need to do a lot of effort to reach the top as there is many stairs, however all views will compensate you that. Going to this spot there are 2 more attractions on the way and near each other. First is Kimnyoung Maze Park – natural labyrinth, which you need properly go through to get the exit. It is good for having nice walk during sunny day. Second thing is Manjanggul Cave – this is 1 km long walk, during which you can observe lava on the walls. There is very cold, so better be sure to take appropriate clothes. The last chosen attraction by us was waterfall. In the island you can find 3 most important – two of them are located near each other and the last few kilometers away in west direction. We were able to see just one, because they were opened just till 6 pm. Again it was good idea to take a walk and make some nice pic, but the waterfall wasn’t so outstanding. In my opinion better than all of mentioned attractions was just driving car through the coast, because you can find there many great spots to see heavenly crystal water and amazing white beaches. This is the point, which Jeju has in common with Hawaii. However from the other side island looks like a bit still developing, which associates more with Phu Quoc for me. I guess the biggest reason why it is called Korean Hawaii is fact a lot of asian people come here to spend their honeymoons.