Japanese food

Japanese food – I can easily say it can be the only one reason why you should visit Japan

First, which comes to my mind is obviously sushi, but definitely different than this one, which I have known so far. The most popular is nigiri and rolls are more rare and sometimes even more expensive. At first I was disappointed as I don’t like nigiri, which in my place is like huge ball of rice with small slice of fish. And here was the first surprise! Nigiri in Japan is like huge slice of fish with small amount of rice. What’s more you can choose better quality fish named “fatty salmon” or “fatty tuna” – believe me it is worth every money, but in real doesn’t cost too much, because sushi there is something usual. Second thing which was nice surprise for me was tuna, which I really don’t like to eat in my place. But…Japanese tuna this is something different. You have so many kinds of it that for sure will find your favorite option.
You can even meet restaurants specializing only in this fish. The most recommended from my point of view is Bluefin tuna and here another surprise the meat is not red only light pink and have nothing in common with standard tuna, so definitely try this out! What is worth to mention is fact you can find so many different places serving sushi from the small local business to the very fancy restaurants and obviously your choice determines the price. Personally me was very in love with small locals run by families from more than hundred of years… quality of fish there was excellent and as you can imagine price was very friendly too 😉

What is interesting in Japan you can find sushi literally everywhere even in the supermarkets. My favorite choice was onigiri – it is like triangle rice filled inside with fish or meat and with sauce (there are so many kinds of it you will find perfect option for you for sure). The last recommended dish especially for sashimi lovers is Chirashi, which is bowl of rice with set of raw fish on the top – really nice option as you can decide how much rice you would like to eat.

Second thing, which associates for me with Japan is Kobe Beef (it’s general name is Wagyu, but depends on region it can have other names) – the best beef in the world and you can’t find it anywhere else as Japanese secures it from the export outside the country. You can really feel the quality of this meat during eating. Additionally we’ve visited really nice place in Osaka serving Wagyu Beef. I was in love with the concept of that restaurant, because we had private room just for us and we could make grill by ourselves, so it was like mix of Korean grill with Japanese meat. And at the end there is just one disadvantage of japanese food – if you want to eat tasty food you must be prepared for standing in long queue, sometimes it even lasts 30 mins. However I think it’s some kind of tradition there and original Japan people are used to that. In front of restaurants you can often find special areas for queue 😉 Still I think this is something you can do with to taste all these excellent food!