Ibiza – If I call it party island it will totally define my stay there.

Really… I’ve never thought I would find place like Ibiza, which is so much focused on party. From the very beginning, so from the first moments on the airport you can feel atmosphere, which is characteristic for this island. Everywhere you are surrounded by posters with info, who is playing in which club today… Yea today not tonight, because in Ibiza you can find party during the day and during the night. Very interesting is also fact that in the city and in the airport you can find many shops selling clothes branded with clubs names. This time I have not much to say about this place from traveller point of view as I went there for partying, so this I would like to describe. However obviously you can stay in Ibiza to get rest, but honestly if I plan to relax I would rather choose another island like i.e. Majorca, which is more quiet and weather and views are very similar.

Being in Ibiza I felt rather like want to party all the time due to fact the best DJs come there in the summer time. During my stay I’ve visited 2 clubs, which are ones of the best. First was Ushuaia – party here starts from 5 p.m. and finishes at 12 am. Club is outside, but I don’t think it is a problem as in Ibiza is very hot and without rain. Obviously you can meet here the best DJs, but what is more interesting club is placed in the middle of the hotel, which is quiet cool especially for people staying there for their holiday. Another club, which we’ve visited was Hi located opposite to Ushuaia and party there starts obviously from the 12 am 😉 This place is inside and have few spacious rooms. The most interesting about it is toilet, which is coeducational and in the middle of it is situated dj’s booth, so yeah… party is everywhere;) The last thing, which I would like to mention is food, which is the same as in whole Spain, so I’ve found my favorites like patatas bravas and many other tapas <3 . I’ve added the most interesting spots to my profile on instagram @befoodaddicted. I know not many tips about the isIand I’ve included this time, but come on beautiful port and beach you can find everywhere, but the best party is exactly at Ibiza! 🙂