Ho Chi Minh City – really crazy and messy place

The old name for this city is Saigon, which is quiet funny, because in polish we use this word („sajgon”) to call total mess. And I think this word with this kind of meaning perfectly describe this city. The first thing, which you need to get used to is terrible huge wave of people riding motorbikes. They are everywhere even on pavement, so you must be very attentive to avoid crashing with it. This is probably something characteristic for whole Vietnam, however from my perspective this one place is the most crowded. What is also funny that we saw there Uber on motorbikes for the first time our my life.

Another thing, which Vietnam is famous of are people sitting at small chairs and tables and obviously eating. It’s kind a weird, cause it’s hard to believe this size is comfortable for them. However food is everywhere and most popular meat is pork, which is not good news for me 307gif

Going to the point what exactly you can explore in this city in my opinion its not too much. We were going around for whole day and the only one flashback is that this place is messy, polluted and not so beautiful. But we’ve found there really cool activity for the evening and went to the club, which is located on the roof of skyscraper, its not so high as in Singapore, however party with this kind of view was really cool. The name of this place is Chill Skybar.