When we’ve reached Honolulu I wasn’t so much impressed. What’s more that place brought me associations with Canaries Islands, but come on Spain is much cheaper. All those feelings disappeared just then when we’ve started to look around. This is really amazing destination. Beaches are full of sand and water is crystal clear. There are also interesting places to visit like Diamond Head, where you can find the best panoramic view on Waikiki Beach. Obviously Honolulu it’s a very touristic location with fancy hotels, shops and restaurants. If you are going to visit Hawaii first time this is the best place. Remember that if you want to eat in a cool place, reservation is more than needed. In my opinion one of the best places was Herringbone Waikiki, where you can find probably the best seafood on the island. We weren’t interested too much in all day sunbathing, so we’ve rented a car and went around Oahu. And that was it! Next time I would definitely stay outside Honolulu, where you can feel real atmosphere of windsurfing life. Small villages are very quiet, calm and beaches there are totally stunning. Beside this you can find many interesting places around the island like Pearl Harbor, Turtle Bay and many sight points.

Hawaii includes few islands, so we’ve decided to fly to Kauai, because I wanted so much to fly over the island with private aircraft. I’ve read a lot of recommendations to do it. On Kauai was made a lot of famous films like Jurasic Park or Avatar. We’ve decided to rent the plane with company named „Fly over Kauai” and that was great decision. Bruce, who was our pilot was also great guide and after flight gave us CD with local music. Beside this he was extremely nice and open-minded person. We’ve realized that was the best attraction of our 3 weeks trip in the USA. At the end I would like to mention one thing, which has made me very surprised, that in Hawaii and especially in Honolulu you can meet a lot of homeless people. When you go to the centre of Honolulu you can observe huge ghettos with people living in tents. Probably it is possible due to hot climate. That is something similar, which you can observe also in Miami going out of the famous street ocean drive. However Hawaii are amazing places definitely worth to be visited not only the one time!