3 days in Singapore

As we were traveling with friends, who couldn’t stay whole 2 weeks with us we had to explore the most important places in 3 days, so it was quite challengeable 307gif but now I can say it is possible. However let’s begin with some basic info of Singapore. The weather there is totally crazy like 1 minute it’s raining and second minute appears sun on the sky and it looks like this for whole year. What is connected with this they built a lot of carports above the paths, which are in most cases movable like in the airport. Second thing is in my opinion this country is really similar to Dubai, so my advice – go first to Singapore then wow effect will be greater. In other way it doesn’t make so huge impression on you, because Dubai has got everything bigger and better and. 307gif This what you should remember is fact that in this country chewing gum is prohibited.

Going back to our 3 days I have list of must have seen places. We lived in Little India district, so this point was ticked off without any additional effort. First day we went to Sentosa Island there you can find a lot of attractions depends on how much time you have. We chose visit in Aquarium, which is nice place, but if you were before in this in Dubai probably you can be bit disappointed. The interesting thing about it is very huge aquarium, which is also wall with hotel’s windows. Beside this we went inside of Sentosa Merlion Statue, which is an Singapore icon. It’s worth to be visited, cause at the top there is nice point for photos. Another stop was obviously on the beach – beautiful water with beautiful sand 307gif When you will walk along the shore you will find bridge leading to smaller island, which is said to be the southernmost point of continental Asia. On the Santosa island you can find a lot of great restaurants, we ate at one with Michelin star, where prices were quite low. This is characteristic for Singapore that there is a lot low prices restaurants with Michelin star, so it’s pretty cool. In the evening you have to visit 1 Altitude club, where you find stunning view on the most famous hotel in Singapore – Marina Bay Sand with swimming pool on the roof. However this is the only one reason for visiting this place, cause drinks are not so good, so if you feel need on nightlife better go to another place.

Another point on my list is obviously Gardens by the Bay and here you will find something cool at every time. During day I recommend to visit cloud forest and flower dome. During evening necessarily take part in sky walk through the bridge connecting 2 trees. Why in the evening? Obviously to see all stunning lights of the whole city, but also in the evening is started concert of the trees they are changing lights together with music sounds! Moving to the next mark on Singapore map you can’t miss the Marina Bay which is surrounded by luxurious shops and skyscrapers. Worth to be visited day & night. The last place which I would like to mention is Chinatown, which is quite huge and characteristic district. Beside some nice views and many temples you can find here also very cheap food especially comparing to the restaurants in the center. That is how our first 3 days in Singapore looked and below find the most cool pics.